Pictograms and safety texts

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We have a very broad assortment of pictograms and safety texts in a wide range of materials, formats and colours in accordance with current legislation and standards.

We can also provide you with all types of luxury signage, because the outside world’s perception of your business starts at the front door. By choosing a modular signage system, everything can be customised to fit your corporate identity both indoors and out.

By using such materials as aluminium, stainless steel, glass and plastic and an almost unlimited range of colours, we can integrate your signage perfectly into any environment and budget. Techniques such as silk screen, computer cut adhesive film, digital printing and engraving are a few of the ways to create a personalised design.    

Safety signage at the workplace, as well, is a vital instrument for protecting people against accidents. The purpose of safety signage is to call people’s attention in a quick and easily understandable manner to objects and situations that might cause certain risks.

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