Pipe marking

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Optical features

  • Maximally large texts and symbols depending on reading distance
  • Most legible font according to your preference
  • All colours precisely according to the standard of your voice.
  • Clearly recognisable and legible from all angles and directions

Available versions

Version Diameter Dimensions
Version 1 for ø < 30 mm 70 mm x 15 m
Version 2 for ø < 70 mm 90 mm x 33 m
Version 3 for ø < 70 mm 90 mm x 33 m
Version 7 for ø > 70 mm 90 mm x 33 m
Version 8 for ø < 70 mm 120 mm x 33 m
Version 7XL for ø < 150 mm 200 mm x 33 m
Version 8XL for ø > 150 mm 200 mm x 33 m
Version 8 volgens DIN 2403 en GHS for ø > 70 mm 120 mm x 33 m
Version 8volgens GHS for ø > 70 mm 120 mm x 33 m


  • Stick the pipe marking with overlap of 15% such that the ends overlap. Take care that the pipe markings are stuck together precisely! In this way you will assure very strong adhesion and long life!
  • Big advantage! When you bond with overlap, the pipe will not need cleaning
  • Attention! To increase the lifespan of your marking even more, ensure that the adhesive seam is pointing downwards.

Where must markings be placed in order to optimally follow the course of a pipe?

  • At wall interruptions and floor passages
  • At operation, maintenance and pump locations
  • At seals, valves, hose couplings, tanks and vessels
  • At curves and branches and where several pipes come together
  • At all locations where work is done

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